Why we love cloth diapers.

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Birth of Arlo Collyer

P1200560It’s amazing how the body works- knows just what you need and when. My fertility returned when Mae turned one and we felt ready to have another right away. One cycle and then another came and went, or so I thought. I brushed the lightness off as my hormones regulating and didn’t get too disappointed. A few days later I realized I’d only bled for two days and decided to take a test. I never planned to test without telling David but I was so sure I wasn’t pregnant that I went ahead and what?! Positive?! I was so excited and in disbelief.

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Cloth Diaper Wash Routine



There are a few keys to getting diapers clean. People differ on exact routines and detergent preferences, but most will tell you you need lots of water, plenty of detergent, a pre-wash rinse and an extra detergent-less rinse, as well as a water softener if you have hard water.

Here is the wash routine we have established over the last 3+ years.

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Newborn procedures: Vitamin K and Eye Ointment


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Images property of Jackie Askvig

Images property of Jackie Askvig

I was recently asked to share my opinion on the administration of Vitamin K and antibiotic eye ointment to newborns. I believe this is a personal decision and the right choice varies from family to family and within family from birth to birth.

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Birth of Mae Barbara

August 2012

I’ve wanted to be a mother as long as I can remember. People who know little more than my first name would be able to tell you that I love babies.

When David and I were engaged, we discussed having children and agreed that a few years would be preferred before starting our family. We’d only been married two months when, unlike we had planned, I was ready. I wanted to be a mother as soon as I possibly could. Months and months of back and forth, praying fervently for direction, arguing heatedly about decisions, and many tears of loneliness, and we were in a very dark place. I couldn’t stop thinking about having a baby and David simply wasn’t ready. In the spring of 2011, he came to me and said that he would make it a goal to be ready for a family by August. A weight was lifted and the unknown morphed into a finite goal. Those months were so peaceful and so very exciting. We worked together to prepare in many facets of our lives and our marriage improved drastically. We began trying for a baby on our second anniversary. I had irregular cycles but had charted them religiously for years. As excited as I was to be a mother, when four months passed without a pregnancy, my heart was still content and I was still enjoying the anticipation. It was just so fulfilling to finally be on the same page as David and to be working toward the same goal instead of against each other that I was not getting very anxious about our unsuccessful attempts.

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